Welcome to „Eltern helfen Eltern“ („Parents helping Parents“)

We, the staff of Eltern helfen Eltern, are all parents ourselves and we are here to encourage and support other parents. We’re all different people. Some of us have more money others less. Some of us work others don’t, some are homemakers. Some of us were born in Germany others joined us coming from different countries. We all do family work! We know what it means and how demanding it can get to be parents of children as diverse as life’s possibilities.

Founded in 1978 it has been and still is the purpose of Eltern helfen Eltern e.V. to support parents in educating their children and in finding the appropriate childcare offers. We plan and arrange qualified Day care services both in the city of Gießen and part of its county. In doing so we arrange for day care providers, babysitters, and nannies. We help to find solutions should emergencies arise within the family , such as hospitalization of a parent.

You as parents find diverse offers in our facilities for you and your children such as weekly café-meetings in English, meetings for single parents, and others. You get to know and make friends with other parents and children and have a good time.

With Hallo Welt – Familien begleiten we offer support and assistance services for all families with babies and children under three years of age. It is free of cost. For more information please call (0641) 33 33 0.

Please contact

Eltern helfen Eltern
Rooseveltstraße 3
35394 Gießen
Phone number (0641) 33 33 0